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2019 transit connect passenger wagon


Looking for the Transit Connect Passenger Wagon? If moving people is your business, the Transit Connect Passenger Wagon is built for comfort and service. The Passenger Wagon is versatile and flexible enough to keep up with everything life might throw your way.

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Transit connect cargo van interior with available features


During any workday, multiple employees could be driving your Transit Connect Cargo Van. That, in turn, means different levels of driving expertise. With that in mind, a wide range of technologies have been developed to help keep them all confident behind the wheel.10,? 12
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The modern design of the Transit Connect Cargo Van projects a professional image – one that will speak volumes about your business. Large side panels let you prominently display your company as a mobile business card with colourful, eye-catching graphics.
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The standard 2.0L GDI engine provides plenty of power. For an added degree of performance, a direct-injected 1.5L EcoBlue??Diesel* is available. Furthermore, for fleet operators, there’s the fleet-only option of our 2.5L iVCT gas engine with the CNG/LPG Gaseous Fuel Prep Package.

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*Late availability.
A profile of a Transit Connect Cargo Van driving on a city street


Standard side-wind stabilization technology19 ?is designed to help reduce driver stress and fatigue during highway driving in high winds. The system monitors sensors and, if a strong wind gust is detected, it carefully applies the brakes on one side to help the driver stay in the lane. It works in conjunction with Roll Stability Control? 10 ?on slippery surfaces – to help avoid skids, lateral slides and potential vehicle rollovers.

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